Do you represent a business which is looking to advertise and build brand recognition?

Every match day, Keynsham Town Football Club welcomes supporters from around the country, and we have a wide reach via our social media platforms. Building strong links with many local businesses , working in partnership with Keynsham Town Football Club could be a great way to get your business advertised and earn you some additional well deserved publicity. Why not take advantage of one of our advertising, hospitality or sponsorship packages and make the most of promoting your brand.

Season Sponsorship (from £20pm)
Match Sponsorship
Player Sponsorship
Kit Sponsorship Packages
Programme Advertising

The football club are proud to have built strong links with many local businesses and would like to thank them for continued and valuable support.

If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship packages, our sponsors, or how to get involved then please contact us.