Ollie’s Mascot Experience 

During the lockdown we asked Ollie to write a short review of his experience as one of the senior team mascots and this is what he wrote.

“I arrived at KTFC and met Andy at the gate. He told me what would happen and gave me a box of chocolates and a match day programme. Then he took me to show me the changing rooms. 

I got to meet the team and the managers and see the tactics board. I was allowed to watch them talk through match tactics.

Andy gave me a tour of the whole club too. 

I got to walk out with the Captain and got to warm up with the team before the game. Next I sat with my family and watched the game. The opponents scored and we were 1-0 down then we went on to win 3-1. At half time I got to have cake and sandwiches with the away team in the opponents lounge.

At the end of the game I picked the man of the match and I picked the goalkeeper because he saved a penalty. 

As the team came off they said to me “ you’re welcome to come again as you are a lucky charm”.  When all this is over I can’t wait to be a mascot again. I would like to say a big thankyou to KTFC and especially Andy for making it the best day!”

We look forward to seeing Ollie back at training with the juniors, and as a mascot for next season.

Support Keynsham Town & Local NHS Care Home

We want to raise much needed funds, but also put something back into our community. We identified Charlton House, an NHS care Home that provides residential care for older vulnerable adults with a variety of disabilities as someone we wanted to support to try and help their staff and residents during these challenging times. 50% of any donations go directly to Charlton House, and the other 50% to the football club. Regardless of how large or small the amount it will make a difference.