The reason for this post was to keep you all updated on what’s been happening at our football club during the last month.

It’s been great to see some of our junior section players posting videos of them playing football in there gardens in their KTFC kits, at least the sun has been shinning and they are able to go outside and burn off some energy !

As you may of seen this week we celebrated one of our own in Cam Ricketts who works for the NHS at the BRI as s radiographer, having spoke to him I know the pressure they are all under at the moment, and I know he really appreciated our post recognising him and all of the NHS staff for the amazing job they are doing.

Onto football matters, we as a club are having weekly video linked meetings, mainly comprising of our Chairman, Secretary,Trustees, Treasurer and commercial team in an attempt to strategise our way through these testing times as a club, Andy Morse in particular has been working tirelessly building a brand new website where we will be able to showcase our sponsors and all club related matters, all linked in of course with Twitter and Facebook. This is so important as clubs will be finding it very hard with no financial income leading into next season. So it’s really pleasing we are being so pro active in positioning ourselves to help give a platform and promote our current sponsors and all local businesses when life eventually returns to normal

I have spoken to all the players on a number of topics including there work and family situations, all of which I’m happy to report are well, of course some our self employed and unable to work, some are able to work from home, some are still working for example Russ Holt and Matty long who work for Airbus are now actually making ventilators for our hospitals.

I expect all the lads to try to maintain a level of fitness and use the time wisely to do what they can when they can, and the feedback I’ve been getting has been great, weather it be going for regular runs or long and challenging bike rides I know the lads are doing there best.

This is very important as we are unsure at present when the new season will start, it’s very hard to predict but I’m certain if we have a pre season it will be very short and certainly not the normal 6 weeks we are used to.

I will release another bulletin in the near future to keep you as informed as much as possible, in the meantime I wish everyone well during this time, and look forward to seeing everyone again healthy and well and looking forward to there football.

John Allen