About The Meadows

Keynsham Town Juniors have been working with Taylor Wimpy and Keynsham Town Council on a joint project to deliver a new facility known as The Meadows. The Meadows once complete will provide us with a small clubhouse complete with fully fitted kitchen, and adjacent land that will be developed into football pitches for the younger age groups.

Unfortunately, due to COVID19 the progress on finalising The Meadows has been delayed, but we hope once the Government advise it is safe to do so we can recommence the work to get it finalised and available for use.

Once handed over The Meadows will be fully owned by Keynsham Town Juniors, managed by a set of Trustees appointed by Keynsham Town Juniors. It will be used alongside our pitches at Broadlands and the main Keynsham Town Football Club and will enable us to provide more grassroots football to those looking get involved in the game.

This is an exciting time for all involved at the football club as it marks an important milestone in our club’s history. But more importantly it gives us an opportunity to bring people together and build that feeling of being part of a community club that provides more than just football.

But we have not been sat idle during these challenging times and have been working hard in the background to try and improve our club website and social media presence. Alongside the communications you receive through your Team Manager, the website (keynshamtownfc.co.uk)and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) will hopefully improve our communications and make useful information more readily available to everyone. Over the coming weeks and months, we will start to publish more information on our website and social media about The Meadows, plans for next season, club news, how you can get involved and much more.

On behalf of all of those involved at Keynsham Town Football Club, stay safe, look after your loved ones, and keep those boots clean ready for when football returns.

Support Keynsham Town & Local NHS Care Home

We want to raise much needed funds, but also put something back into our community. We identified Charlton House, an NHS care Home that provides residential care for older vulnerable adults with a variety of disabilities as someone we wanted to support to try and help their staff and residents during these challenging times. 50% of any donations go directly to Charlton House, and the other 50% to the football club. Regardless of how large or small the amount it will make a difference.