Keynsham Town Juniors


U6-U11 (School Year 1-6)

The overriding aim of coaching players of this age will be to have them with a ball at their feet as much as possible although practices such as tag, throwing, catching, balancing, running etc. to develop agility and physical prowess are also of the utmost importance.

It is imperative that players have exposure to as many 1v1 and 2v1 situations as possible.

Emphasis will be on developing technical skills and ball control with both feet and in games they will be encouraged to take risks and be creative. It is imperative that practice recreates game situations as much as possible so small-sided games with targets or goals will always be heavily favoured over drills.

Any match time will be divided equally and regular positional rotation of players will occur to give players as many different experiences as possible and to help develop their understanding of the game.

Four Corner Model

The FA four corner model encompasses four key attributes that are vital for any developing young footballer: Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social elements, helping children to develop more than just their football skills – ‘Our coaches help them to gain confidence, build self-esteem, learn to work as a  team and improve their decision making’


  • Basic Techniques
  • “Ball and the wall” activities
  • Improving basic skills
  • Group practice
  • Games as the teacher
  • Interchange of positions
  • Invasion game principles
  • Playing other sports


  • A. B. C. s – Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Speed
  • K. G. B. – Kinesthesia (movement), Gliding (ice & snow, etc), Buoyancy (water)
  • C. P. K. – Catching, Passing, Kicking
  • R. J. T. – Running, Jumping, Throwing
  • Motor control, Multi-skills, Mixed activities


  • Enthusiasm
  • Imagination & Exploration
  • Avoiding anxiety and boredom
  • Progressive introduction to mental skills
  • Progressive group activities
  • Understanding games


  • Fun and enjoyment
  • Support from parents, schools and clubs
  • Inclusion and participation
  • Form relationships
  • Safe environment
  • Simple rules and ethics
  • Group behavior can be influenced as a foundation

Player Positions

In the Foundation and Development phase our coaches give players the opportunity to learn different positions. This helps provide an all round understanding of the game making them a more versatile payer. This becomes important as they progress through the Transition phase and into senior football.


Coaching Stages

Our coaches take players through the three key phases of the the FA’s Grassroots DNA and the importance of the four corners approach. Find out more detail about each of the three phases from the Foundation (U6-U11), Youth Development (U12-U16) and Transition (U16-U18).


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