This year Marcus Rashford has highlighted the issue of many families struggling to afford food. As a Club we have been in touch with the local foodbank to ask what Keynsham Town could do to help. They have advised that they are getting large food drops for Christmas, but would welcome a cash donation to cover the cost of fuel for their delivery van.

Given the number of players at the Club if we could raise just £2 per player it would pay their fuel bills for more than a year.

Please could you ask your players /parents if they would be interested in making a small contribution. For the younger ones I suggest we ask the players to do a few jobs at home to earn the money. For the older ones you may have other ideas. We want to make this as easy as possible for our families so genuinely only want small donations.

If coches could collect any contributions in from their respective teams we will make arrangements for how we collect it in across the Club.

Any questions please give Rich a call or drop him a text.

Richard Smale (07982 245949)